Dirty needle records
Dirty needle records


Anti(Christ) Social - Into Batlle

Into Battle

Track list:

1. Into Battle

2. Pretend Racecar

3. High Life Zone

4. Cop Shot My Dog pt 1


6. Cop Shot My Dog pt 2

7. Draft Thingz

8. EZD


Anti(Christ) Social - Privilege Cassette Rip


Track list:

1. Squad Up

2. 1940s

3. Holy Moly Tony Danza you Little Tyke Molester

4. I Take A Shit At The Same Time Every Day

5. FUCK 12

6. Limited Time Lifetime Hassle Free Guaranteed No Fee Warranty

7. Wake n Hate

8. Piss Test 1 2 3

9. Robot

10. But It's Hard

11. 3D-2D

12. Shit on the Floor Puke on my Dick


Throat Yogurt / Anti(Christ) Social Split Cassette Rip

best fucking split with anti(christ)social and throat yogurt(did i spell that right?)

Throat Yogurt side:

1. Intro (Uncle Dan's Foreplay)

2. Dungeon Rape Soundtrack

3. Rape

4. Scrotal Tumors

5. Drowning In Cunt Puss

6. Whiskey Soaked Tampon In My Ass

7. Throat Yo-grrrrrt's Our Name Spelt Wrong

8. Docking With A Knife

9. Molested On The Farm

10. Sodomized With A Shovel

Anti(Christ) Social Side:

1. Organic Yogurt

2. Fuck Your God (I Wanna)

3. American Girl (Tom Petty)

4. I Take A Shit At The Same Time Every Day